Shankers Invitational Tournament

More than just a display of golfing mediocrity.

The Shankers Invitational tournament is one of the most prestigous golfing tournaments attended by the small group of golfing amateurs from Melbourne and beyond. More than just a display of golfing mediocrity, this annual event has been firmly established in the golfing calendar since 2013. This is Shankers. This is history. 2015 Review

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27 May
2018 Champ and NAGA
2018 Winner and Loser

Yet another first time Shankers Champ. Marker finally pops his champion cherry and steals the trophy on the last day, after Moley looked like the bookie and the crowd favourite all weekend. Some sledging from old man Les was enough to shatter Pussy's fragile mental approach to sporting contests, resulting in him taking home the pink for the 2nd consecutive year

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The object of golf is not just to win. It is to play like a gentleman, and win. Phil Mickleson

More than 8 Shankers and growing, We love our Shankers.